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Crysta-ApexC 1200 Series 3 dimensional coordinate measuring machine

(multiple measurements possible)

Crysta-ApexC 1200 Series 3 dimensional coordinate measuring machine Crysta-ApexC 1200シリーズ(多彩な測定が可能)

Inspection of curved surface shapes and profile measurements by copy measuring can be performed by this non-contact type measuring machine.
A wide range of inspections, such as the dimensional inspection of the processed portions can be performed by this contact type 3 dimensional coordinate measuring machine.

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Direct Casting Machine


Products at a machining level of accuracy can be produced by using special mold materials.
Not only the external appearance, but also the internal quality is extremely excellent. This is a unique casting technique of Tokorozawa Alloy Foundry combined with rare accuracy and internal quality.

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Equipment List


Equipment Name

Wooden Model Production

- Work NC
- Three-dimensional data viewer software
- Vertical type machining center
- Tilting arbor table saw (Double head type))
- Band saw
- Wood working lathe
- Automatic planner

Casting Equipment

- Cold box blow machine
- Cold box gassing machine
- Sand mixer
- CO2 sand mixer
- Heavy oil melting furnace for Al 250kg×2.170kg
- Electric melting furnace for Al 250kg
- Bub-clean
- Low pressure casting machine for Al 150kg(Electric melting furnace)
- Low pressure casting machine for Al 280kg×4
- Direct casting apparatus
- Hot blast type electric drying furnace
- Electric drying furnace
- Automatic cutting machine
- Bader polishing machine
- Swing-table sand blaster
- Shot blaster

Measuring Equipment

- Keyence digital microscope VHX-6000
- Pinhole testing machine
- Shimadzu optical emission spectrometer PDA-5510Ⅱ
- Hot-air circulation-type dryer (for color-checking)
- CNC 3D measurement apparatus(MCOSMOS system)C121210
- Non-contact measurement probe (for CNC 3D measurement apparatus) LC60D
- Tilting circular table
- Olympus fiberscope
- Video scope system IPLEX SX
- Buehler polishing machine
- Ultrasonic thickness gauge
- Coating thickness meter
- Surface roughness measuring equipment
- Geomcaliper


- Inkjet 3D printer Objet24Pro X294mm Y192mm Z148.6mm
- HandySCAN700 3D measuring device Max 0.030mm
- Milling cutter
- Argon welder

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