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Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

Tokorozawa Alloy Foundry (hereafter, TAF) constantly strives to be recognized as a trusted company by society by incorporating all aspects of the Private Information Protection Law and by the appropriate protection and utilization of any personal information. TAF treats information about its customers, including personal information, company information, strategies, and all other information assets as confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements. We employ a combination of technology and standard practices to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access or exposure. The information we collect about you in the course of conducting normal business will only be shared with third parties upon your consent or as required by law.

Our purposes of use are for our own business operations, and to contact customers about our services.

About Gathering Personal Information and Providing Them to Third Parties

  • A. In the case of asking for and gathering personal information first-hand, TAF will only gather them after the purpose is made clear to the provider and has obtained direct authorization by the provider.
  • B. In the case of receiving personal information within a business consignment contract, TAF will only use the personal information within the means of the contract.
  • C. TAF will never provide personal information to third parties, excluding the cases below.
    • - Upon the consent of the person himself to provide the information to a third party.
    • - When it is required for protecting someone’s life, safety, or estate.
    • - When a government organization, local public organization, or someone in commission with either organization, requires it to effectively pursue its act of law.
    • - When required by law.

Safety Management of Personal Information

TAF employs the safety control procedures stated below to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access or exposure

  • A.TAF will constantly work to safeguard our information system to protect personal information against external threats.
  • B.TAF will limit the number of people per operation who have access to personal information and will operate them securely.
  • C. Including times of transporting and discarding personal information, TAF will treat personal information in each situations with respect to purpose of use and risks.

Commission of Personal Information

There may be cases where TAF entrusts a third party with processing personal information. These third parties will be verified to have sufficient security measures, and will be handling the personal information based on a contract with strict and appropriate measures.

Disclosure, Correction, and Elimination of Personal Information

TAF understands that the Private Information Protection Law states that a person has the right to require disclosure, correction, addition, elimination, suspension, erasure, suspension of third party use, and report of purpose with his own personal information. When this is required, TAF will handle the situation by our preset procedures in a rapid manner.

Questions About Personal Information / Our Privacy Policy

Please contact us through the contacts below for any questions about personal information.

Personal Information Contact

Tokorozawa Alloy Foundry Co,Ltd., Administrative Department, Personal Information Contact
E-mail : kaihatsu@tokorozawakeigoukin.co.jp
TEL : 04-2944-0415 (General Representative)

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